Call for Papers: Flood Catastrophes in a Changing Environment   

Flooding is one of the natural disasters that causes severe losses and damage across the world. Recent studies indicate that the frequency of flooding might increase under future climate conditions. In addition, human activities such as rapid urbanization and construction of hydraulic engineering have significantly modified drainage networks, and further promote flood risk. This is true in many large rivers and lakes, including the Yangtze River in China, and others around the world. Damage arising from flooding attracts serious attention of governments and local communities.   


This Special Issue of Hydrology Research will present the latest research outcomes on floods, and provide a forum for researchers and managers to share the latest research outcomes on floods in typical areas around the world.   


Submissions on the following topics are welcome:   

·Climate change and floods   

·Human activities and floods   

·Prediction of flood events   

·Flood mitigation in urban areas   

·Watershed flood management   

·Transboundary effects and issues on floods   


Interested authors are encouraged to consult the journal Instructions for Authors. During the submission process, authors should choose the “Special Issue Paper” Article Type, and the “Flood Catastrophes in a Changing Environment Special Issue” Section/Category. All submissions will be fully peer reviewed. Please direct queries to the Journal Editorial Office.   



Online submission is now open.   


Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2019.   


Address: qzhang@niglas.ac.cn   


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